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Programming Hiatus

Thank you for your interest in our programs! We are currently on a programming hiatus as we take the necessary time to clearly mold and solidify our foundation, so that we can effectively build out programming and engage with other community initiatives. As we hope to include our community in this process, we invite you to join our Study Hall where we’ll be reading and studying texts that are meant to support our mission and pillars, as well as inform our pedagogy.


Study Hall is a program that will live beyond this foundation building period, and is drafted as one where learners engage in discussions based on books, articles, zines, documentaries, interviews, and other media (primarily literature) around a specific topic. This is essentially a book club that invites texts beyond solely books, and where discussions will result in co-created educational materials that may resemble a syllabus, annotated bibliography, reviews, study guide, or offerings we have yet to envision.


This is an opportunity for our community to read with us and engage in fruitful discussion. For the sake of the current foundation building period, the materials we engage with will fall under the category of at least one of our pillars, or be one that informs pedagogy. Sessions, schedule, and readings will be determined by Folasade (our founder), but we are more than open to additional suggestions. Please join us on Patreon for more on this offering (equitably tiered for Black folx, non-Black folx of color, and white people – if you’re a Black QTGNC human who is unable to pay, please reach out to me via email to join for free).

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