The Black Syllabus is a 501c3 organization committed to promoting literacy and higher education in the Black community, as well as amplifying Black narratives and research. We provide resources for and reward scholars of color actively engaging with Black literature and/or higher education. We believe diverse Black voices should be central in the movement toward transformative justice, and work in solidarity with other marginalized communities working toward uprooting systems of injustice.


The Black Syllabus was founded by Folasade Adesanya (she/her) in January 2019 as a way to merge her passions for Black narratives and academic research. The Black Syllabus continues to shift and adapt to our ever-changing vision, but remains a platform for people to engage with different perspectives related to Black imagination, identity, history, and scholarship. This organization was founded on the belief that amplifying Black voices is a central piece to the transformative justice puzzle. The Black Syllabus was incorporated in September 2020 in order to maintain the sustainability of The Black Scholars Program, currently consisting of The Black Scholarship and The Black Stories Reading Challenge. In addition to these programs, we will begin partnering with educators in 2021 to curate educational materials based on Black literature for schools, other education-based organizations, and independent scholars.


We are always open to feedback! We welcome your input and recommendations on what could be included here, including specific literature or new programs. We are very proud that this content resonates with the community and hope that you continue to stick with us on this journey.